#16 Home of 2030 Young Person’s Design Challenge

I am a firm believer that if we’re going to enable an industry to adopt new concepts for buildings – Active Buildings, that generate energy and manage their interactions with local and national grid networks – it is critical that we engage with the next generation of designers and constructors.  This time last year, IContinue reading “#16 Home of 2030 Young Person’s Design Challenge”

My Doctorate progress so far

Earlier this week, I gave my latest ‘Reflective Presentation’ to my supervisors, Dr John Littlewood and Professor George Karani, both of Cardiff Metropolitan University.  This was part of my doctoral research project assessment, and entailed looking back over the last module and identifying key challenges I faced and skills I developed during completion of theContinue reading “My Doctorate progress so far”

Active Building Design Workshops

This afternoon I hosted a workshop with Scott Brownrigg Architects at their Cardiff office, where we discussed my developing Active Building Design Guide – I was looking for feedback on its structure, aesthetics, clarity and technical content.  This was the first of several workshops I will be holding with Architects as my Design Guide develops,Continue reading “Active Building Design Workshops”

The Importance of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE)

Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) is the process of evaluating the performance of new, existing and refurbished buildings, to help the delivery of effective and efficient buildings, by informing project development, enhancing delivery, optimising performance and providing feedback.  Unfortunately, however, BPE is not carried out enough and, when it does, lessons are seldom fed back intoContinue reading “The Importance of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE)”

Spreading the word about Active Buildings

I believe that sharing knowledge on the research work being undertaken at SPECIFIC and the Active Building Centre, and the work I am doing to develop Active Building design guidance, is a critical part of the journey to enabling the construction industry to deliver climate resilient, net zero buildings.  I do this through several ways:Continue reading “Spreading the word about Active Buildings”

Achieving Zero Carbon in Active Buildings

This week I’ve been looking into the whole life carbon of buildings, what’s involved in assessing whole life carbon and the different tools available to assist with this.  Reducing the carbon emissions from the UK built environment is critical in the fight to prevent global warming and combat the climate emergency.  Earlier this year, theContinue reading “Achieving Zero Carbon in Active Buildings”

Design Guide Development

As I develop my Design Guide, I am reviewing other guidance documents used by Architects, such as Approved Documents used to aid compliance with the Building Regulations, British Standards, documents produced by the RIBA, etc; as well as books on design.  Here are some quick reviews of just some of the documents I have consulted:Continue reading “Design Guide Development”