#21 Active Landscaping

It’s not only building surfaces that provide opportunities for generating energy from the sun.  Why not think about the whole site as a potential energy generating area?  Buildings don’t sit in isolation and only form part of the spaces that make up places within our villages, towns and cities.  Maybe it’s time we consider theContinue reading “#21 Active Landscaping”

#20 Sample Size for Qualitative Research

I have decided to restrict my study to Wales, due to time and financial constraints of reaching the wider UK population of Architects.  There are 1,179 ARB registered Architects in Wales (2019 figure) and 642 chartered RIBA members.  The question for me is how many Architects out of the total population will provide me withContinue reading “#20 Sample Size for Qualitative Research”

#18 Sampling Strategy for Qualitative Research

One of the most challenging aspects of qualitative research is ensuring you get a suitable number of participants for your study to represent an appropriate proportion of the overall population related to your subject area.  When I first started looking into research methods for this project, I contemplated use of well-known qualitative research methods: questionnaires,Continue reading “#18 Sampling Strategy for Qualitative Research”

#16 Home of 2030 Young Person’s Design Challenge

I am a firm believer that if we’re going to enable an industry to adopt new concepts for buildings – Active Buildings, that generate energy and manage their interactions with local and national grid networks – it is critical that we engage with the next generation of designers and constructors.  This time last year, IContinue reading “#16 Home of 2030 Young Person’s Design Challenge”

My Doctorate progress so far

Earlier this week, I gave my latest ‘Reflective Presentation’ to my supervisors, Dr John Littlewood and Professor George Karani, both of Cardiff Metropolitan University.  This was part of my doctoral research project assessment, and entailed looking back over the last module and identifying key challenges I faced and skills I developed during completion of theContinue reading “My Doctorate progress so far”

Active Building Design Workshops

This afternoon I hosted a workshop with Scott Brownrigg Architects at their Cardiff office, where we discussed my developing Active Building Design Guide – I was looking for feedback on its structure, aesthetics, clarity and technical content.  This was the first of several workshops I will be holding with Architects as my Design Guide develops,Continue reading “Active Building Design Workshops”