Introduction to my blog

My name is Joanna Clarke and I am an Architect, currently employed as Design Manager at SPECIFIC, Swansea University, and currently pursuing a Professional Doctorate in the Sustainable Built Environment (D.SBE), enrolled at Cardiff Metropolitan University and supported by Swansea University.  The title of my Doctorate is “Developing and Validating a Design Guide for Active Buildings”.

The reason for my blog is that a large part of both my job and my research involves engaging with the construction industry to share knowledge about my work in designing Active Buildings, to find partners to work with to develop more Active Buildings and to gain feedback on the guidance I am developing.

So, what is an Active Building? 

The definition of an Active Building is a building which “supports the energy network by intelligently integrating renewable energy technologies for heat, power and transport.”

I will be writing about the importance of Active Buildings and their role in Transforming Construction and tackling the climate crisis. My particular focus will be on the design of Active Buildings – I will share my own experiences of designing Active Buildings and the development of my toolkit to assist anyone designing an Active Building.

I would love to connect with anyone interested in developing an Active Building project or simply learning more about Active Buildings.  My main aim is to change the way buildings are designed, delivered and operated, to create a built environment that works in harmony with the natural environment as far as possible, utilising clean, renewable energy as its main source of energy and contributing to a low carbon society. 

Picture a world where all buildings generate their own energy and manage this energy carefully, sharing energy without stressing the energy network, selecting when to import and export energy for optimum grid performance, using the lowest carbon energy sources possible, with negligible energy bills, and healthy, happy occupants…………….

…………..that is a world full of Active Buildings

Published by jorclarke

I am an Architect, currently working at SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, Swansea University, and studying for a Doctorate in Sustainable Built Environment (D.SBE), which is focused on developing an Active Building Design Guide.

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